Welcome to Episode 2. james thumb_000000

James is a PhD student studying evolution and virulence. On the show we discussed zombie pathogens (both fictional and actual), whether or not zombies can twerk and the reason cats can’t be trusted.

News and Nonsense Stories:
Zombie virus research could make vaccines last longer, be more available, save billions of dollars.
Missouri State May Ban Nerf Guns After 911 Call, Lockdown Over Zombie Shootout Game.

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Everything you wanted to know about zombies but were too afraid to ask.

Got a question about zombies or mind-controlling parasites? JimTheEvo, creator of the History of Infection series, will be on the show to answer them!

James’ Channel 
History of Infection Series 
His Podcast with Myles Power

Episode 1: Aron Ra.

Aron Ra -9333

Aron Ra -9333 (Photo credit: RDFRS)

Welcome to Episode 1.

Aron Ra came on the show to talk about his part in the campaign to keep Texan text books and public institutions free of ideologically motivated pseudoscience. We talked about creationism on the school board, Armageddonists deciding environmental policies, Rick Perry’s record as governor and the challenge of living in a state where science is mistrusted and unfounded faith is a virtue.

There are some minor audio issues on my end, the microphone I bought was not fit for purpose and I’m back to looking for a new one.

News and Nonsense Stories:
Party conference: Teach creationism in science class – 40% of DUP
City seeks to jump-start stalled Ark Encounter park with $62 million ‘junk’ bond offering

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